Change the World

The author had a duty to write this story. He knows WE need a better understanding of each other and what makes us who we are. WE need to love and have a sense of compassion towards one another. WE must correct ourselves! WE are not the enemy! There are far worse things to worry about! The top dogs (powers that be) want us blind and dumb to what is really going on here. Let us make this right!

Masonry Gallery

This site is the Capitol of Sovereign Citizens of America. Fight injustice!

Feel it’s gonna rain
Are you ready? Remember your roots. Life has just begun.
Witch’s Hat News
The world is a tough place. For all those going through personal …

Members of the Starship

Historic Heights

Blast off! See you in the Kingdom of God, my friend.

The Legacy

Some of us have unfinished work before we board. (NPF)

Far Out

Mr. Alien himself. I better remember you all on the other side.