Manuscript’s Divine Path

Sadly this society is full of sick people. In my mind, just about all of us are sick.

Some more than others. Here is a link to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. You may save a life with your support.

Outfront Minnesota does some great work with homeless youth and even adults. Life is tough on the street, especially in Minnesota Winters. Life is tough and no human should be denied the simple necessities of life. Lets help give them shelter from the storm.

If you go long enough without food you can go into psychosis which is not good at all. The “Bread for the World” organization supports educating and to give people the tools to advocate for policies and programs to help end hunger in the U.S and around the world.

You can’t help a drug addict unless they want to help themselves. The programs we have right now, to me, have appeared to promote overdoses. I advocate for the freedom to use injection drugs in a safe way at centers as it decreases overdoses and crime. You don’t have addicts shooting up in parking lots and public restrooms, throwing needles all over the place. This link includes an article advocating the case which I promote in a libertarian fashion, not that freedom matters right? Ha!

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